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It is crucial to adhere strictly to the Track Day and Casino Insurance Canada claims reporting procedures to ensure swift and equitable resolution of any covered losses related to casino activities. Failure to comply with these procedures, including timely reporting of losses, may result in denial of a claim.

For Casino Insurance Claims:

  • Immediate Notification: You must notify us within 48 hours of experiencing a loss that may be covered under the policy.
  • Documentary Evidence: Take photographs documenting any damage or relevant details pertaining to the loss.
  • Official Statement: Obtain an independent statement or report verifying the incident's specifics, including location, date, and time.
  • Repair Authorization: No repair work should commence without prior approval from the claims adjuster.
  • Proof of Loss: Submit a signed Proof of Loss Statement within 60 days of the claim request.

Please note that the procedures outlined above are essential but not exhaustive. For a complete understanding of terms and conditions, please refer to the master policy document.