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Eliminate The Uncertainty With Track Day Insurance Canada

One of the biggest issues to participating in a track day event is whether your auto insurance policy will cover any damage that may occur to your vehicle. Several insurance companies, including Chubb Canada, specifically exclude coverage for any damage while involved in a track day event. Others treat any claims on a case by case basis with no guarantee that coverage will be provided.

This is why Track Day Insurance Canada was created.

It is a standalone product that provides protection for your vehicle while participating in sanctioned track day events. If you damage your vehicle while on track it will be repaired or in the case of a total loss, you will receive a cash settlement. Also, any claim made against the track day policy will not impact your existing insurance policy – your claims free status and preferred rating will be preserved.

Buying track day coverage is easy. Select the event you are participating in, complete the online application, submit payment and the policy will be sent to you immediately by email. That's it. For exceptions such as high value vehicles or participating in U.S. events, simply give us a call.