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  • You must have a valid Canadian driver's license and be 21 years of age or older. 
  • You must be the owner/lessee of the vehicle insured, however you may list another driver in addition to yourself. The additional driver must be listed on your application for coverage to apply. The same conditions apply to the additional insured as the primary insured. 
  • The vehicle must have a valid Canadian license plate. 
  • Coverage is only available for listed events on the Events page. If the event you wish to attend is not listed, please contact us. 
  • The minimum market value of a vehicle to be insured is $35,000. The maximum market value of a vehicle to be insured is $150,000.
    Note: If your vehicle has a market value in excess of $150,000 please contact us for a quote. 
  • The only individuals, excluding an event instructor, who may drive the vehicle on the track day event are those who are listed in the submitted application. No substitutions.


  • Track Day Insurance Canada is a limited coverage and does not follow all of the conditions of standard automobile insurance. 
  • Coverage only applies "trackside" and does not extend to any loss or damage occurring in the pit garage, paddock, or similar areas of the circuit. 
  • We strongly urge you to take photographs of the insured vehicle from all four sides BEFORE taking to the track. This can help in the event of a claim.